so far we have the pistons set up for our climbing mechanism and are testing. all we have left is to attache and set up the motors to move the pistons, and finalise a couple things. then we will think of a way to dump frisbees into the bucketr at the top of the pyramid but we arent positive that we will be doing that yet. cant wa
So far, we’ve completed the main structure of the pyramid to find that it is not wide enough for the robot to realistically climb like how it will be in the game.  As a result, we will need to widen the pyramid so that the robot can have an accurate practice climb.  Robotics-wise, we are focusing on the chassis and getting the electrical work done.  This step is nearly completed, so next we will be working on a climbing design and a Frisbee-shooter design.

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Thanks for the support, we hope to move on to our next step soon!
Crazy day building. Got a lot done, but we are still deciding on what design to build. We worked on a launcher for the Frisbees and will meet again on Wednesday after school to build more.

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hi everyone thank you so much for everything you have done for us. Hope you all like our webcite. We will be updateing and adding as we progress. Thanks again to everyone.